Palazzo del Broletto
Palazzo del Broletto is located right next to the Saint Mary Assunta Cathedral at the city center of Como.
The title of the exhibition, The Other Animals, is inspired by a passage from Pliny that closes book VII dedicated to human beings and anthropology: "Now I will go on to talk about the other animals", underlining the inseparable interconnection of the living beings that inhabit planet Earth.
As Italo Calvino claimed, “Pliny is an author who 'deserves a relaxed reading, in the calm movement of his prose, animated by admiration for everything that exists and by respect for the infinite diversity of phenomena". The Other Animals exhibition pays homage to man's innate fascination for 'the variety and play of Nature' of which we have all always been admired spectators and infinitesimal protagonists".
The panoramic view from the lodge "La Cassetta di Erica"
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