"Floral Bento Box" (Left), "Floral Seppuku" (Right)
"Life Platter"
"Sakura Drunkard" (Left), "Hitoritabi" (Right)
"Fifty Shades of Green"
I locked my beating heart in a dead man's chest.
Finding safety underneath the sands.
Fourteen years it remained buried far below.
Yet somehow found it's way to your hands.

This work was for Tim:Tom (Guillaume D Timmons, Thomas St-Hilaire & Éric-alexandre Simard) and their team for Sally Hansen section during OhMyFest2017 in collaboration with COVERGIRL.  The event took place at Monument National in downtown Montreal. My job was to produce a nail photo booth using various artificial flowers and I was also in charge of the arrangement by the bar which contained both real and artificial plants.
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